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Websites out-standing in their fields

netMaestro South recently attended the Southern Field Days near Gore in Southland. Southern Field Days is the largest, single gathering of farming community and rural businesses in the South Island. And as such, this 'field day' was the perfect opportunity for me to display and discuss our latest web designs and web technology developments to all those involved in 'farming' and related rural businesses.

Google Business, are you there yet?

Google Business is a simple to do yet very effective way of giving your business more visibility online and a boost in the Google search rankings. Follow the following guide to take advantage.

Understanding the murky waters of search engine optimisation (SEO)

The murky waters of SEO are far from easy to navigate. Ask 10 experts and get 10 different answers. So then who is right? Probably all of them have something valid to...

Optimising homepage content

Getting your homepage content correct is a process and will rarely be right in the first iteration. Learn how Marketing Experiments recommend you optimise your content for great results.

Getty's Gonna Get Ya!

In my inbox, was an email from a client who had just been sent a bill for $2900 from Getty Images.