Google have released their new internet web browser Chrome.

The top players currently in internet browsers are Internet Explorer 6 & 7 with 50% of users, Firefox 44%, Safari 3%, and Opera 2%. Google Chrome would have to be considered a possible threat to take a chunk of the browser market if it is adopted by current users of Google products or those of us that like trying new browsers.

Google Chrome is a beta release as many of the Google products are. Some may joke that IE7 is still a beta release. So some features may not work as expected although Google beta software is often quite reliable. The user interface looks surprisingly similar to Internet Explorer 7 at least in the placement of controls and browser tabs. Under the hood Chrome uses the WebKit rendering engine, this is also the base for Apple’s Safari browser rendering engine.

When you install Google Chrome it asks you if you wish to send usage data back to Google, for some this can be a privacy concern. The omnibar's auto-suggest features send data back to Google about the keystrokes inputed. No doubt Google will find a way of making use of this information. You can opt-out when you install Chrome or by turning off the auto-suggest feature or switching to Incognito. I believe Firefox does this also with its search auto-complete.

netMaestro site using Google Chrome

One of the features that made Firefox so popular is the ability for users to create their own add ons to add functionality they would like to see in a browser. Some of you may have used some of my favourites MeasureIt and Colorzilla in your netMaestro sites. I think this will be added to Google Chrome at some point in the future. It will be interesting to see if any features will be restricted if add ons are enabled. It would be amusing to see the first ad blocking add on for the Chrome browser.