Google Places, are you there yet?

Google Places is a simple to do yet very effective way of giving your business more visibility online and a boost in the Google search rankings. Follow the following guide to take advantage. All you need to do is fill out a form and complete the verification process which should not take more than one hour in total.

Step 1: Register a Google Account.

Using the service of Google Places, a Google account is required, so if you still do not have one, please register one first.

You can go to this page to create an account for your company or business:


Step 2: Get started on Google Places.

After obtaining the Google account, Go to, and click "Get Started".


Step 3: Enter your phone number (a number that you can answer)

Enter your phone number. Google will search its database to see if it already had any information on your business.

Step 4: Enter your business information

Assuming you were new to Google Places, fill up all the information about your business.



Step 5: Verify the listing

Once your listing is complete, Google will need to verify the listing to make sure you are really the owner of the business.

They can do it by different methods. Here, they will do it by phone, if your phone number you entered is the same as the listed phone number.


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