How to do stuff section live

The web is fast moving towards streaming media thanks to the You Tube explosion of last year. Up until recently this has been impractical for several reasons; not enough bandwidth for download speed; no universal media player to view it.

You Tube

You Tube cracked this problem when they decided to launch its website using Flash video. Flash video has over-come the fundamental problem of having to install a plug in the view moving pictures as most computers have Flash Player already installed so they can view enhanced graphics.

nM Flash videos

We have spent many months looking at the best ways to capture, compress and deliver rich media for netMaestro website. Our new "How to do stuff section" is delivered to you using Flash video. It's image quality is excellent and audio crisp all in bundled up into a little file.

We know our videos have room for improvement but they are a massive improvement on our previous training options.


We captured the video & audio using Snapz Pro and a rode mic.

We compressed the video using Sorenson Squeeze On2 VP6 PRO codec.

And uploaded it using netMaestro.

Cheers Gareth