iPhone, all hail the Jesus phone

I was talking with one of my competitors today who is a hardcore PC man. We don't agree on most things but like me, he is switching to iPhone on the 11th of July. And he is not the only one. My father who has bagged Apple Mac for as long as I can remember is also switching having proudly told me that he has his order on already! My wife is switching on the 11th as are my business partners and pretty much everyone else who I know.

Why the fuss?

Why are they moving over without even touching the Jesus phone? Because they simply hate their current mobile phone experience and know there has to be a better way. And believe me, there is.

In 1 year the iPhone has become the second most popular smart phone, making up over 30% of the worldwide smart phone market. This is the fastest take up of any mobile device ever and more interesting the iPhone accounts for over 70% of ALL mobile internet web surfing.

The surfing stat is what should interest you most. For the first time a user can have a good look at a website without it loosing it's integrity. I had a look at this website on our generation 1 iPhone a couple of weeks back and was truly impressed with the experience. So good was it that it felt like the site was made for the iPhone.

Market movers and Shakers

Occasionally things happen that change the market forever, Apple over the last 10 years has been at the forefront of these market changes starting in 1997 with the first iMac, followed a few years later by the iPod and now the iPhone.

That is why netMaestro is in San Francisco this week. We are there to get the absolute latest information on how to develop iPhone applications (apps) for netMaestro and our clients.

What about the others?

So why the iPhone as opposed to The Palm or Blackberry? Simply put, the other devices offer a clunky experience that can be best described as crap. So crap in fact that whilst they can 'surf' the web and check email, they don't do this function easily and as such, no-one can really be bothered.

It's just a phone right?

I hear people bagging the iPhone saying it's does nothing more than many of the other mobile devices. I guess when they get run over in the rush they will start to realise what many already see. This is NOT a mobile phone, but the first true mobile computer device that just happens to be able to make and receive phone calls. The revolutionary multi-touch interface and three dimensional movement sensor combine together to free us forever of the keyboard which up until now has been the primary user interface.

Happening at netMaestro labs right now

We have spent the last few weeks developing a nice little application that will be in the world wide Apple App Store the day it goes live, more on that App and other advances to follow in the coming weeks.

And yes, I am now off to order mine.

Cheers Gareth