Nelson Arts Festival

2006 saw a new concept to the Nelson Arts Festival, The Lighthouse in Albion Square (next to the Nelson Courthouse) hosted many functions and performances over the 10 days of the Arts Festival.

Grant Smithies (aka DJ Soundboy) performed at what turned out to be the sleeper gig of the festival. In fact so sold out the sponsors couldn't get in, I know as it was me begging at the door. Grant was mixing up an eclectic mix of manky beats that really got the handbags and pearls rattling. There is nothing like a sold out crowd going off on the dancefloor.

Now in its second year The Sitting Room promises to be all as good as last year if not better with a new dance floor (no more pebbles) and plenty of drink over the bar.

netMaestro is proud to be sponsoring this little highlight of the festival again in partnership with Jens Hansen. Get in early to guarantee your tickets, I know I will be.

See you there.

Cheers Gareth

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