netMaestro 1.9 is GO

Why 2 blogs in one day?

Yes crazy, you don't hear from us for 6 months since the Sitting Room blog and now 2 updates in 1 day. Good things are happening at netMaestro and we want you to be the first to know.

netMaestro 1.9 general release

We will be upgrading your website to 1.9 over the coming few months. We have had a number of clients using it already (including the new WildTomato website) to ensure most of those annoying bugs are ironed out of the new features and enhancements this upgrade brings. We know there will be a few more we have missed and will cue them for resolution as soon as we are notified.

netMaestro 1.9 upgrade highlights

The upgrade is mostly usability and speed tweaks that we have rushed to market ahead of the netMaestro 2.0 release which we are currently working on. We wanted you to have these upgrades now in netMaestro's 1.X format.

Showcase Web Component

This is quite sexy and perfect if you want to show of multiple items with more that one image and associated text. Perfect for those that have portfolios of work to show off. We have used this to show all the stories in the new WildTomato website. It is a combination of Motion (formally know as Flash Image Gallery) and Catalogue (formally known as Products Catalogue). And the best part, you can upload all the images at once and drag and drop them into the desired order!

FAQ's Component upgrade

This is a really useful layout upgrade and is now included in the base set of Web Tools so every netMaestro website from 1.9 on will have this ability. The upgrade allows for multiple layout styles from 'click to expand' to 'tabs' inside your content.

Faster website

As always, we have further optimised netMaestro to be even more responsive. We have seen some nice speed gains from our hardwork.

Google Analytics page tracking integration

All netMaestro 1.9 websites can take advantage of these powerful metrics and tools from the search engine bohemoth Google! Go and get yourself a Google Analytics account, email your user and login details and we will get this implemented into your site on the double.
We have been using these stats for the last few months on the netMaestro website and have found the insights easy to understand and extremely addictive. You can get reports straight to you inbox and play the game 'What's my bounce rate this week' without even having to lift a finger.

Go now and sign up! Google Analytics 

Short URL's

Yes we hate those random long URL strings that mean nothing to us humans, so we have got rid of them! This will effect the Blog, Catalogue, Shop, and Photo Gallery Web Components. All other pages have already got plain english URL strings from an earlier upgrade.

AJAX layout

What does that mean? Simple: Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. I guess you are no wiser but in simple terms it is the technology that allows you to add a product to your Trade Me watchlist without that annoying refresh the page thing! Well we have gone all out and AJAXed as much as we can to make sure you can do more and more in your current page without having to continually reload it. Phew.

HTML Content Editor ugrade

That HTML editor that you use to add text and photos to pages has been upgraded. Some real nice little enhancements for adding padding to specific sides of images is the highlight for me other than the better graphics.

From netMaestro 2.0 it will have a name that means something to the average person, we are calling it 'Web Designer' and it comes as standard with the other Web Tools.

Internet Explorer 8 compatible

As a Mac user, I don't really care to much for this upgrade as from where I sit it won't make a scrap of difference to me! BUT I am sure plenty of you are still using uncles Bill's fine product and as such we need to make sure you can use it with netMaestro.

However I will state this, netMaestro editing should be done in Firefox as this is what we program it to work on first and formost. Rest assured we make sure your site will be easily viewed in all the major browsers and versions but we prefer Firefox.

Cheers Gareth
netMaestro managing director