netMaestro now an Apple authorised developer

Last week I commented on why the iPhone is going to make a massive impact. Since that blog post Apple have authorised netMaestro to become an iPhone application developer. This puts us in the starting blocks for what is going to be one of the largest technology land grabs that we have seen in many years.

Why? Well every now and then a new platform makes it to market that becomes the industry standard. Think iPod as the plafrom for mobile music and video. iPhone is going to be the platform for every other mobile application.

As one of only 5000 approved Apple authorised iPhone developers out of 25000 applicants, netMaestro can now create and submit applications (apps) to Apple for inclusion in the Apple App Store that will be live on the 11th of July.

It is now our job to get busy and create some exciting Apps that you might want on your iPhone. More importantly, make some funky Apps to make your netMaestro CMS web experience super.

Here is a link to the netMaestro article in The Nelson Mail