netMaestro Shopping Cart now supports PayPal

The netMaestro shop clip-on now supports PayPal Standard as a payment method. Having PayPal as an additional payment method gives your customers another convenient way to pay. This is especially good news for those reluctant to pay by credit card over the Internet, or don’t want to give their credit card details to a merchant.

How does it work?

Your customers follow the usual process to get to the checkout page. Once here they are presented with a selection of payment options. After choosing PayPal they proceed through the checkout process on your website entering their shipping and billing information. On the last step they are presented with the checkout summary. Once they click the 'confirm order' button their order is saved in your shop, the customer is then redirected to the PayPal website where they can pay your invoice. After completing the payment they are redirected back to your website where the payment is registered in your shop.

The fees PayPal charges varies depending on the type of account you have. More information about PayPal Standard can be found on the PayPal website. It is important to keep in mind PayPal is not a bank and do not need to keep to the same rules as the banks do.


netMaestro also supports direct payment into your merchant bank account using Direct Payment Solutions and Payment Express.

Direct Payment Solutions

Those wishing to accept PayPal payments please register your interest with Gareth, Matt or Kate at netMaestro.