netMeastro release schedule Feb-Apr 2008

Two brand new Clip-on modules o get you talking to your customers in 2008. netMaestro is thrilled to announce  two brand new netMaestro communication Clip-on modules; BLOG and E-NEWSLETTER's.


Scheduled out first in 2008 is the all new electronic netMaestro newsletter Clip-on. There is a very real need for you, our netMaestro clients to get communicating to your stakeholders. We have had many requests for a fully Clip-on module to do exactly that.
Scheduled for late February 2008

Email to expressions of interest to


Got plenty say about your business or life in general, coming hot on the heals of E-news is netMaestro BLOG. Brand new and fully integrated with your netMaestro Content Management System. Blog is the best way to organise and share your thoughts, news and facts with your clients and other stakeholders. Plus the option to allow comments from the community to get a real two way communications channel going.

Scheduled for late April 2008

Email to expressions of interest to

Authoured by: Gareth Lawes - Director netMaestro

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