Optimising homepage content

So you have a site but still not getting the conversions you want/need/expect. The following link is to a webinar that focuses on this problem:

Marketing Experiment

The webinar works through a robust method that will give you excellent results. It is an hour long but you really only need to watch the first 25 minutes to get the method. The presentation delivery is a bit annoying but the information is gold. The rest of the webinar focuses on examples and the problems with them. I found the entire hour beneficial as I think you will too.

The highlights

  1. Your homepage is like the front door to your house. Welcome the visitor and then direct them straight to what they are looking for.
  2. Know what action you want your client to take when they arrive. Focus all the content on this action.
  3. Remove all other distractions that cause confusion.

Pretty easy? Yes and no. Generally it will be a process of iterations to achieve optimal results and this will take time to achieve. But the financial results will be worth it.

netMaestro managing director