Support Section Migration complete

This week we completed the migration of our support resources from our old website  to our new website We are continuing to extend our user documentation and resources.

Easy Access

We have made it a whole lot easier to get the information when you need it. Previously netMaestro users were required to log into the site to access the support documentation, you no longer need to do this. From the support page you can now request support by submitting a support ticket.

Print Page

You can print each of the support pages if you want by clicking on the link at the top left above the navigation tree. A pop window will open with a print version of the page.

If you have support questions, please email Matthew Hamilton.

Nelson (HQ)

Phone  (03) 548 1300

PO Box 226
329 Trafalgar Square
Nelson, 7040


Phone  (10) 476 0089
Mobile  021 2989 355

3 Wharfdale Street
Macandrew Bay
Dunedin 9014
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