The 3 phases of website users:

The 3 phases of website users:

Getting content right is no walk in the park. There is much debate about short and sweet vs long and detailed. So which is right/wrong? Understanding what phase your web user is in will define what is right for the each page based on what it is trying to acheive.


At this stage most people don't read the content, they just skim over the page looking for something to click to get them to their desired destination.

Attention span is generally very low. A successful outcome for the seeker is for them to find what they are looking for quickly and intuitively.

Focus pages for the seeker:
Homepage and section landing pages.


Once the seeker has found what they are looking for they move to the researcher phase. They are now looking for specific information and the more the better.

It is likely the user will print this content out and refer back to it during the research. The content needs to be structured clearly and like a newspaper, import information first.

Focus pages for the seeker:
Product details, 3 level content for large websites, FAQ’s and news stories, etc.

Action taker

Once the research phase is complete the researcher decides what action if any to take next. It is important that the steps to get them to contact the website owner are clear and easy to follow.

All unnecessary restrictions should be avoided. Making clients sign up for an account when they proceed through the check out is acceptable but having the client login to view your selection is not.

Focus pages for the action taker:
Every page must allow the client to make contact with you clearly. Phone numbers, contact forms etc.