The fall and hopefull rise of Vineyard websites

Hands up if you did anything to your website this week? Ok, how about this month? Hand still down? Then slap yourself with it. You are loosing money.

The New Zealand wine industry dived head first into the web 10 years ago, but for some bizarre reason it has now fallen way behind and, as a consequence, it is not doing itself justice.

The web is no longer fringe. It is now the mass media, the first place people turn to for information. And hello? It’s still by far the cheapest of all advertising and distribution options known to man.

Getting your web presence right will be time consuming, even if you are a web expert. It does require a lot of work from you, the website owner. So, if you know where you are going wrong you can drag your website, kicking and screaming, out of drab and into fab.

But first you must know the 5 laws of successful websites.

1. Focus on your community

Who is your potential community (i.e. your website visitors)? What information are they looking for? What information would they love to know and, most importantly, what are they prepared to pay for? Answer these questions and you are on your way to growing a large community of customers.

2. Give them what they want, quality content

Great content will keep your website visitors coming back time after time. Don’t bore them with pages on staff member of the month, instead tantalise them with absorbing details of what is actually going on in the vineyard right now; tell them about the conditions and why it’s going to be the best vintage yet.

3. You can’t disguise junk content with high protein design

A fancy design job is all good, and I recommend one, but it is no substitute for good old school content that makes you eat up every word. Why? Design is only one ingredient of a good website, without real substance you will not get your visitors coming back.

4. Get found and stop winking in the dark

Search engines have changed dramatically over the past 5 years. Many of today’s beliefs about getting a great search result are simply not true, even worse many now work in the reverse. Not understanding search engines is like owning a car and not knowing how to change gears. Get educated and keep up.

5. Keep up with technology

You should be investing in your website technology continuously. Hassle your design crew into keeping you up-to-date with the latest technology. Ensure you gain maximum leverage from the web through technology and get ahead of your competitors.

Authored by:
Gareth Lawes
Director netMaestro