Toyota Website Interrogation

Attention: The person in charge of Toyota New Zealand’s website

This is some polite feedback on your website experience.

I am interested in your Toyota Prius and whilst looking for information about it (of which I found very little) I stumbled across the download brochure, “Thank god. At last." I said!

I clicked the view brochure button and next jumps up the Toyota website customs department wanting to know personal information about me before I can proceed. Information I am not prepared to give yet, we haven't even had our first date. I know the purpose is to forward these details to the nearest dealership so they would follow up the lead. But what if I am not ready for that kind of attention?

Well actually, I am not ready for you to start contacting me with offers of test drives and easy finance. I just want to look at the model and see if it interests me or not. Since I can't read more about it, I guess it's not.

Websites like yours that choose to start a customer interrogation always surprise me, but hey it's a great way to get customer metrics, or is it? You wouldn’t have the balls to do it if I called on the phone, you wouldn't do it if I walked into your showroom, but you do if I am in your website.    

I can no longer proceed. Deprived of the chance for your brochure that you spent a bucket of cash on to work it’s charm. No exotic sweeping shots of of nz landscape for me, no blurry photos of round town bussle. No tech specs to make me drall and cutaway’s that show me how technically advanced you are. Nope, I am just going to have to settle for 4 crap photos on your website that are big enough to fit on the side of a matchbox.

So, I’ll leave you with a bogus name and contact details, but with an email that I am prepared to let you savage with offers of brilliance.

When you reply, please provide the following: Name (first and last), title, home address, home, work or mobile phone number, your email address and the make, model and age of your motor vehcile. Please also specify what category the response fits into. This way I will be sure to follow you up with unbeatable offers and opportunities as they arise.

Yours sincerly
Fred Flinstone

Below is a screenshot of my Toyota questionnaire.