Understanding the murky waters of search engine optimisation (SEO)

I get many questions about the strange and in-exact science that is search engine optimisation (SEO). Generally people end up more confused when I finish that what they were before I START!

Free beginners guide

Here is a great overview to give you a taste of what you need to know and do to take advantage of what we call organic search (none paid search results).


Quick breakdown

There are several macro things you need to do.

1. Focus on Google.
They have the largest share, it's best to be found on one key search engine that trying to target many and failing

2. Content Content Content.
Make your content readable and ensure you are actually giving Google something to process so they can determine what your site is about. Google has one goal, that is to give the best search engine results they can for the person looking for something. They DON'T give a rats about your business so the only way to win is to make your content better than the rest.

3. Choose your target
Know which search phrase you want to be found under. Pick one. Yes we want to be found on all but so do we all. If you choose one phrase and then optimise everything to that phrase you will get results.

4. Page titles and descriptions
netMaestro CMS gives you very good control over your titles and descriptions. USE THEM. Many just settle for the default page title and descriptions. This will give you a very good boost and it is very easy to do.

5. Linking
People linking to your website are effectively voting for your site. Google take A LOT of notice of these links in fact they were the first search engine to do so and that was rocketed them from obscurity to world wide domination. Get people to link their site to yours. But be cautious of who you link to as that is effectively endorsing them.

6. Be attractive
By having content other people want to reference you will start to pick up links. This will help massively with number 5. I have referenced a really good book to read for those that want to understand SEO basics. The link from me to them will give them a search boost. That's why they give this information away free.

As always if you want to take this further we are happy to talk to you about your search engine needs. Get in touch gareth@netmaestro.co.nz

Cheers Gareth