Websites out-standing in their fields

netMaestro recently attended the Southern Field Days near Gore in Southland. Southern Field Days is the largest, single gathering of farming community and rural businesses in the South Island. And as such, this 'field day' was the perfect opportunity for me to display and discuss our latest web designs and web technology developments to all those involved in 'farming' and related rural businesses. It was also the perfect opportunity to showcase the redeveloped Southern Field Days website that netMaestro created and recently launched in a special sponsorship deal. As you can see by the photo below the new site stimulated some high interest.

"netMaestro did an amazing job on our new website, and as a result, our stands sold out in record time".

Nicky Eade
Southern Field Days

netMaestro helps Southern Field Days break a few records

The first major objective of the new netMaestro website was to sell all the available stand space at the 'Field Days'. This was achieved, all 600 exhibitor spaces were sold-out, and quicker than ever before. This record breaking achievement didn't happen by mistake, exhibitor space sales were the single purpose of the newly created website.

Once exhibitor space was full, the sites major objective turned to profiling and publicising the 3 day event to a nationwide audience. New content and images were placed onto the site, and even major navigation changes took place to cater specifically for this new audience. How did this go? From 26,000 visitors at the last 'Field Days', our site played a major role in increasing visitor numbers by over 20%, up to a staggering 31,000 people visited the Southern Field Days .

The hard work involved in building a website that is truly results focussed

Obviously design and the overall feel of a site plays a crucial role in its success and failure. But before we even begin to consider design at netMaestro all our Custom sites go through a detailed process that helps us create a successful site that is focussed on results. In consultation with you, the client, we define the audience, review all competition, identify the market, set major objectives, create a value proposition and agree on the site map for the initial launch. Only then do we collate all the actual content and start to design conceptual wire frames of what the finished site will look like. Sound like a lot of work? It is, but it's also the only way to create a bespoke website that is totally focussed on the results you want to achieve. Believe me, experience has taught me good websites don't happen by accident.

Information on the Southern Field Days

Southern Field Days is a non profit Incorporated Society, run by volunteers, except the secretary, who are all farmers or work in the agricultural field. Where ever possible other non profit groups within the local community such as clubs, schools, PTSs etc are used to help set up and run the events. These become important fundraisers for them and benefit the entire local area.

Over the 3 'Field Days' I met some interesting people, talked a lot about websites (both good and bad ones), and gained some really insightful information from people who are directly involved in farming and agricultural businesses in New Zealand. As you can imagine it was quite a hectic time, but now as the dust settles and things return to a more normal routine I am ready to take some time to talk to you about your new, results focused netMaestro website - so contact me here to set up a consultation time, or if you have any questions.

Many thanks

netMaestro South