Wild Tomato Online Launched

Good things take time, this is the proof.

Like the magazine, the WildTomato website just keeps on getting better.

Check it out: www.wildtomato.co.nz


It's no secret that netMaestro and WildTomato have had a close working relationship since the magazine's inception.p

However, what is not known very well is that WildTomato was never originally intended to be a glossy monthly mag but instead a weekly emailed newsletter with advertising and local information. This is how we originally got involved with WildTomato. Murray, the founder, approached us to see how he could deploy his dream using netMaestro CMS.

Within days (and I mean days!) Murray's idea mutated into a weekly printed magazine. We are not print designers but we helped produce the first 3 editions to get it off the ground. I don't know if you have ever tried to create a newsletter, if you have you will know that it is quite a big undertaking. Imagine what is involved in producing of 64 page magazine!

We always believed that a weekly or even bi-weekly magazine was an impossible challenge if the desired production goals were to be achieved. And for all involved to actually get some sleep! In the end, common sense won over exuberant enthusiasm and WildTomato moved into the current monthly format.

The website - 12 months in the making

Right from the outset WildTomato chose to use the netMaestro CMS framework to deliver parts of its online communications. However due to the change in focus from a weekly email newsletter to a glossy magazine, time and budget were simply not available to do it any justice.

This time last year (April/May 2008) both organisations set out to fix that problem and deliver good content and a visual experience that does both WildTomato and netMaestro proud.

The website had to acheive content and visual goals but also had to be easy and quick for WildTomato to be able to add new content themselves on a weekly basis. The plan to achieve this changed several times due some over ambitious ideas from both sides and in the end we just settled on delivering what the website user really wants; good content, that is easy to find.

Once the final site-plan and page wire-frames were created and agreed upon, it was a relatively straight forward process to deploy in around 3 months.

WildTomato editor and chief - Jack Martin says:

“Working with netMaestro has been great. Gareth and the netMaestro team provided creative inspiration combined with technical know how to deliver a website that projects WildTomato, as we see ourselves, to both our readers and advertisers.

A distinguishing element provided by netMaestro was the consultation period prior to design. Due to various holdups the process took longer than we thought – no fault of netMaestro – during which Gareth and the team supported us 100%.

In addition Gareth makes a pretty mean cup of coffee.”

WildTomato advertising manager - Richard Aindow says:

"Gareth's enthusiasm was relentless and refreshing. He understood our needs and translated them to the netMaestro team brilliantly. Now when talking to clients I am proud to send them to our website - there is no better measure than that."

"WildTomato is determined to improve everything it does; we have to get better or we are not working hard enough for our readers. netMaestro related to this mission immediately and designed our website to take account of it - we are excited to be able to roll out new features and know Gareth and the netMaestro team will be with us all the way."