Add Categories


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The products catalogue organises products into categories to make them easier for your visitors to find. For example if you were a Grocer one of your categories might be vegetables and the products within that category might be peas, carrots and potatoes.

When setting up your products catalogue, first you need to set up categories for your products to sit within.

First ensure you are logged in.

1. Starting from the back end of your website, click the Product Manager Button.

You will see that there are two columns, one for categories and the other for the products in those categories.

2. Click the Add Pencil at the top of the Categories Column.

3. Give your Category a name.

4. In most instances you should leave the Parent Category setting on Root. The only time you would change this is if you wanted to create categories within categories.

5. Upload an image to represent your category.

6. Type a brief description to summarise the products the category will contain.

7. Click Update.