Add Images to Gallery


Download a printable version of this tutorial.

Note: Images must be less than 1024kb, so it is important to optimise them for the web before you add them. If you do not remember how to do this, watch the tutorial called Optimising Images.

Note: If you want your images to align nicely then it is a good idea to crop them to the same height. To do this watch the Resizing Images tutorial.

First ensure you are logged in.

1. Go to the Image Gallery page.

2. Click the Edit Pencil.

3. Click on the name of the album you wish to add images too.

4. Click the Add Pencil in the Album Images column.

5. Name your image.

6. Pick the album you want the image to appear in.

7. Browse to find the image.

8. Type in an image description if you want one. Then decide if you want the title and description to display in the album list, using the tick boxes below.

9. Click Update, if you want to add more photos repeat the process from step four.

10. To check your images, click on the Image Gallery page and then on your album.