Add Image to Flash Image Gallery


Download a printable version of this tutorial

1. Click the Edit Pencil by the Flash Image Gallery you want to edit.

2. Look at the image size and then resize all of your images to suit. If you cant remember how to resize your images watch the tutorial called Resizing & Cropping Images.

3. Click on the Image Tab.

4. Images for the Flash Image Gallery do not need to be uploaded to the netMaestro image library you simply click the pencil icon with a + by it.

5. Un-click the tick-box and click Browse.

6. Find your image and open it.

7. Click the Save Disk to the right of your image. Repeat the process until you have added all the images you want to.

8. You can delete images by clicking the Trash Can to the left of image you want to remove.

9. Once you have finished editing the images in your gallery, click Update.