Get Subscribers


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Their are two key ways to get subscribers.

1. People subscribing themselves through your website.
2. Importing a pre-existing list of contacts into the newsletter database.

Which ever way a subscriber joins they must confirm their subscription in order to receive your newsletter. This is a security measure to stop newsletter spamming.

Subscribers from your website are sent an email asking them to confirm their subscription. Some genuine subscribers will overlook this step. To review a list of unconfirmed subscribers;

1. Log-in as if you were going to edit your website. But instead of clicking the Homepage Button, click the E-newsletter Button instead.

2. Click Manage Contacts.

3. Filter list By Unconfirmed and click Find.

It is possible to manually confirm a contacts subscription if you feel confident that the person wants to receive your newsletter. To do this;

4. Click on a Contacts Edit Pencil.

5. Check the Confirm Subscription Tickbox.

6. Click Update.