Optimising Images


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To put an image onto your site first you need to save a compressed copy of it which will download quickly. This is called image optimisation.

1. Open a Firefox browser window and go to www.picnik.com Picnik is website which lets you do simple image editing free of charge.

2. Click the ‘Get Started Now’ Button.

3. Click the ‘Upload Photo’ Button.

4. Find and select your image and click the Select Button.

5. Click the Save and Share Tab.

6. The save image page has four headings you need to complete. These are naming your image, changing its size if you wish, selecting a file format and the compression quality. in terms of file format select Jpeg for photos or Gif for graphics with few colours in them. When selecting a compression quality, we recommend setting it to 7 or 8 for good quality web images.

7. Click Save and save the image.