One of the major factors behind the success of the new website was the collaboration between the netMaestro and Gibbons Construction teams. We put a lot of effort up front into clarifying our strategy, clearly identifying the target audiences and the messages we wanted to put in front of them.

The result was a very fresh and effective website, which helped consolidate the Company’s position as the leading construction company in the region.

Lauren Walker
Business Development Manager
Gibbons Construction

Gibbons Construction now stands proudly alongside major national companies

A family owned firm founded in the 1950s, Gibbons Construction wanted to raise their local and national profile by showcasing their extensive construction experience in order to attract top level government and commercial contracts.

Alongside our sister company, Nelson branding and design agency The Seven Design Secrets, we worked with Gibbons to extract their brand values, design the new brand and identify what makes up their competitive edge, which we later took to market as 'The Gibbons Advantage'. We then planned and developed their website, based around the twin objectives of showcasing their building portfolio and highlighting the benefits of partnering with Gibbons in three different types of project contract.

The new brand and website has attracted nothing but praise for its design, and Gibbons' newly raised profile has led to them attracting and winning many new project tenders across the region.


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