Very nice job, the new site looks really good! It's quite a step up from the previous site.

Kelly Jamieson
Operations Manager

Helicopters New Zealand, excellence in the extremes

Based in Nelson and operating throughout Australasia and the Antarctic, HNZ is New Zealand's largest helicopter company. HNZ came to netMaestro after a rebrand, with an outdated website that needed a complete overhaul to reflect a company that operates at the highest level of quality, safety and capability in a very exacting industry.

After extensive consultation with HNZ management as to what business objectives they wanted their site to achieve, the new HNZ website was designed to showcase their operational capability and attract tender opportunities from major oil and gas, and mining industry clients.

With a lot of content to deliver, netMaestro focussed on structuring the site for clear navigation, based around key 'gateway' pages so users could get to the content they sought quickly. Each page also features images chosen to reinforce the variety of HNZ's operations in the most extreme conditions.

(HNZ has since been sold to Canadian Helicopters)

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