Tasman Makos website punches above its weight

Drawn from the relatively small top of the South catchment, the Tasman Makos came into being in 2006 to mix it with the big boys in the national provincial rugby competition (then known as the Air New Zealand Cup). As the Union found its feet, attention turned to providing fans with a better quality of online experience, and the Makos' Commercial and Marketing Manager, Les Edwards, turned to netMaestro.

In 2011, netMaestro came on board as an official sponsor, and redeveloped the Mako's website from the ground up. Key client objectives were to inform fans of match schedules and results, provide a ticket booking facility, as well as a major improvement in the level of visual design.

The new Mako's website delivers the desired results, a website that well and truly holds its own amongst the much larger unions.

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