Add Blog Entry

Add Blog Entry Instructions

To add blog entries, first ensure you are logged in.

1. Go to the Blog page of your website.

2. Click the "Plus" button on the left menu.

3. Give your entry a Title.

4. Type in an Excerpt, this should be a catchy sentence which makes your readers want to click through and read the whole blog.

5. If you do not want to publish the entry immediately you can set a date and time for it to go live, make sure you tick the Publish Tick Box.

6. Write your email in the Email Box, if people comment on your blog item then you will be notified via this email address.

7. Tick the category that the blog most suits.

8. Now type the main body of your blog entry into the Description field

9. Click Save, and this will put your entry live onto the site

10. If you need to go back and edit your Blog, you can by clicking the Edit Pencil next to it, or if you want to delete the blog, just click the Trash Can.