Measuring Image Sizes

Measuring Image Size Instructions

Note: For this tutorial you need to use Firefox as your browser and a free Firefox add-on application called Measureit. This is a very handy application which allows you to measure pixels on your screen. We highly recommend using it for your web editing. Visit these links below to download, Firefox and Measureit.

When putting images on your site, you will want to measure how big they need to be.

To measure an existing image:

1. Right click on the image.

2. Select Properties in the menu.

3. Note down the width and height in pixels.

To measure a space that does not contain an image:

1. Click the Measureit Icon in the bottom left corner of the browser window.

2. Drag your cursor over the area you want to put your image. This will bring up the measurements.

3. Make a note of the width and height in pixels.

4. Click the Measureit Icon again to clear the screen.