Contract Period

1. There is no minimum contract period.
2. Four weeks notice in writing required to terminate.


3. All prices quoted by netMaestro and netMaestro Agents are GST exclusive.
4. Payment is due by the 20th of each month.
5. All monthly setup fees and ongoing charges are to be paid by Automatic Payment. (Invoices will be supplied for your records).
6. If payment is not received by the due date netMaestro reserves the right to suspend your web services.
7. Interest of 2% per month will be charged on amounts that are not paid by the due date.
8. All debt collection costs will be on charged.
9. In this contract the term ‘full payment’ refers to the total amount owed at any one time and includes any interest charges owed.
10. A 25% deposit is required on signing this contract and is paid for by Automatic Payment with the remaining 75% split equally over the following three months. The deposit will be 25% of the set-up cost of your netMaestro website.


11. The client will ensure that all copyrighted material used on the website has been authorised by the copyright owner.
12. Any copyright infringement is the sole responsibility and liability of the client.

Ownership Rights

13. netMaestro Content Management System (CMS) is the exclusive property of netMaestro Limited. All rights remain with netMaestro in regard to the brand and technology.
14. netMaestro templates remain the property of netMaestro Limited.
15. Any custom design work commissioned by the client through netMaestro becomes the property of the client, once full payment has been received.
16. netMaestro reserves the right to use images of your website and references to your website for promotional purposes.


17. Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a specialist area and as such no rankings are implied or guaranteed. If search engine results are paramount to your website we are happy to assist in finding a suitable SEO specialist.
18. netMaestro is not liable for any loss of information, content or revenue due to technology breakdowns or hardware faults or as part of training. However, our pledge to you is that we will go to all reasonable lengths to recover any data that is lost from your netMaestro website.
19. Training and advice is given in good faith.
20. netMaestro is not responsible for any software that is not created by netMaestro and will not be responsible for any damage that 3rd party software may cause your computer, business or revenue.