Our method

Our method will get improved results for your website, guaranteed.

Improving your website's performance is a process of learning, optimisation, testing and multiple iterations over time. It involves an ongoing, incremental process, not overnight success, and is based on our tried and tested method. Understanding this is essential in setting realistic goals and getting a return on your website investment.

The netMaestro Method

The 6 steps summarised below provide an overview of the netMaestro Method.

1. Define realistic and achievable objectives for your site.

We will assist you with this process, and help you work out an appropriate budget to achieve your goals.

2. Implement data measuring tools.

Real results are build on real data - we need a starting point and data to work with so we can monitor progress and track your website's results.

3. Your website must be persuasive.

By clearly and concisely stating what it is you can do to help your prospective client, and walking them through the benefits of your product/service, you increase the chances of conversion. We are experts in this field.

4. Your website must look the part and project confidence.

Visually, your website design needs to accurately reflect your business proposition. Our branding and design team can advise you on this, and take care of any required graphic improvement.

5. The product or service you offer must provide true value.

We can assist you in identifying and clearly presenting your value proposition to your audience in a way that has been proven to improve your site's conversion results.

6. Your website must be structured to succeed.

As part of our process, we spend time planning your website's structure and thoroughly reviewing the content, optimising the content and layout to achieve your site's objectives. This is a critical stage of the website optimisation process and is often 80% of the whole project.