Our process

A little bit about our working process and some of the knowledge that we've picked up over the years

1. We build lasting relationships with our clients

We understand that successful partnerships are created out of mutual trust and understanding. 90% of our clients have been working with us for more than 5 years, and many of our relationships date back 10 years.

2. We know it’s not cheap to build a great website

We understand that getting results takes time, testing and the right budget, and it's important that you don’t waste money on rookie mistakes. Our experience gained from designing and developing more than 300 websites has taught us what works and what doesn’t, which will help fast-track your success.

3. Getting your website live is just the first step, not the finish line

Most of our new clients have already got a website but are unhappy with its current results. Once their website went live the developer lost interest, and service dropped off. At netMaestro, we know that getting your site live is just the beginning, and our support is ongoing.

4. We know the secrets to getting great website results

These days, effective websites are all about identifying goals, trying new things, testing, monitoring and measuring the results. It won't be exactly right first time, but our experience can you get you close. We then work with you through the tweaking and monitoring process, making the incremental improvements that will get your site to where you want it.

5. We set realistic goals and budgets

It’s our job to fully explain the plan, design and build process so you can be realistic about what you can achieve and what kind of time and budget you need. We provide detailed quotations up front so you get no nasty surprises in the mail.

6. We build our own web technologies so we can fully support yours

netMaestro is different from most other website companies because we use our own content management system (CMS) which we have been developing since 2001. We avoid fads and focus our development on enhancing usability and flexibility. These advances are then deployed to every netMaestro website without any additional expense, meaning your site is kept up to date.